Insight by linking data and management model in dashboard

Purchasing portfolio Kraljic, BCG Matrix, OGSM… Management models. You've probably heard or read about them, but how many times have you applied them effectively? At our customers and ourselves, we noticed that the potential of these models was often lost and they only came along in conversations on a theoretical level.

Because we at Marcadus believe in the bridge between theory and practice, we decided to make the application of management models more accessible. And to use them more interactively. We brought three ingredients together for this: a management model, a dashboarding tool (Power BI), and already available data.


An example: The Kraljic purchasing portfolio is a management model that divides products to be purchased into four quadrants. On one axis an estimate is made of the financial risk/interest and on the other axis the supply risk. A different strategy is recommended for each quadrant. For example, for routine products that score low on both axes, it is recommended to minimize the number of suppliers and conclude framework contracts. By loading data into power BI, product groups are divided over the four quadrants. Clicking on a product group then provides a cross section with relevant information. How many framework contracts are there? In this way, it is easy to visually show where adjustments can be made. The power is even more apparent when new data is available. Where filling in or updating a management model is often a laborious process, it can be done in the Power BI dashboard with the push of a button.

Management models can therefore be used much better in this way and really help your organization further. It has been shown at various clients that this user friendly display gives employees more sharpness. This must be tackled properly, but it also works well as a connecting link. In this way, all those management models can ultimately show their value.

Are you curious about what this could mean for your organization or do you want to exchange ideas? Please feel free to contact us.

Case manager

Joost de Groof

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