Service in projects

Proper project execution still remains a challenging mix of scope, planning, resources and stakeholder management. Sounds easy, but in practice this remains a challenge. As the complexity of a project increases, the failure factor increases.

Well managed projects play an important part in the success of a company. The more projects from the project portfolio are delivered on time in accordance with business requirements, the better a company can perform. Often it is not a matter of a certain level of ambition, but rather the setting of priorities, availability of resources and resources.

Making choices and sticking to them seems like an open door, but in reality it is quite a challenge. A well functioning portfolio management is an important key to success.

However, this is only one part of the story. The realization of all ideas, project letters and other backlogs does not always happen by itself. It often turns out that the different stakeholders have a different view of the final solution. The overview is also quickly lost due to a lack of clear project reports, which means that team members go their own way or the wrong thing is worked out in all the enthusiasm.

We have been working with the Project Management As A Service (PMAAS) concept for many years to ensure that the flow of projects is not completed just once, but over a longer period of time. By clearly pre-defining project products and a clear focus of the project manager on the processes instead of the content, the project execution has not only improved, but also has come to rest. Reflection and focus on scope, time and quality ultimately provide more control over the delivery. Something that makes all parties involved happy.

Project execution from a service concept is not the only part of the answer for a reliable project delivery. The side effect of this concept is perhaps even better. To ensure that the entire process from Idea to implementation runs smoothly through all gates, you must ensure clear agreements. The elaboration of requirements, business cases and transfer to a scrum or classic project team is important for all parties. This avoids the pitfalls of scope, planning, resourcing and expectation management at the start of the project.

Marcadus has been working with this concept for a long time, which shows that it is not always easy, but in the end this approach appears to lead to projects that yield the desired end result sooner. Changes or exceptions are also made more transparent. A critical review and continuous drive for improvement contributes to this.

Rest in the execution of all those projects and a better match in terms of expectations not only helps those involved, but ultimately also the future of the company. All in all, quite interesting to put more service in projects.

If you would like to discuss our vision on Project Delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share our vision and expertise.

Case manager

David Verkerk

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