The human side of data

Everyone is familiar with the creeds about data as 'the new gold' and the many possibilities this creates for organizations. Fortunately, we also see more and more that our clients use their own data to gain more insight. Awareness of the possibilities of data has become increasingly better in recent years.

However, as is often the case, the idea is often better than the execution and the beginning is difficult. We still see various processes in which data is not properly or incompletely converted into a usable form. This means that people do not arrive at the really valuable insights and therefore do not extract all the potential from the data.

Situations can be made transparent with the help of data and the application of visualizations helps to quickly see connections. For strategic issues in pile-up sessions or workshops, good data analyzes with the latest technologies help us to arrive at the right insight.

Implementing improvements (unfortunately) does not happen automatically. After all, organizations do not only consist of company data, but of people who work with company data.

Uncovering the real cause of problems on the basis of (root) cause analyzes is certainly easier with the help of insights from current data analysis solutions. But the real challenge often lies in getting the managers moving, to take actual actions and convert the discovered insights into (financial) value.

A successful change can certainly be based on the right insights from your own data. In fact, data is becoming increasingly important when implementing changes and can therefore provide a good starting position and a good end point. The process in between remains a human work.

Improvement processes can still fail due to internal struggles and a lack of focus and support. Without an unambiguous focus and people-oriented approach, we will remain stuck in observations and we will not progress as an organization.

In order to mine the new gold, we will have to make the most of the human side!

Want to brainstorm further about getting the right balance between changes and the value of a data driven approach? Please feel free to contact us. After all, together we know more and we are happy to share our vision and expertise.

Case manager

Jan Vianen

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