The right insights don't necessarily lead to the right discussion

Every service organization has to deal with it: planning regular maintenance. The customer expects a certain service and the customer portal is ready to receive and process this service request. But why are there complaints about the service agreements? Why is everyone so busy? And why does nobody actually have an integral overview of the workload? With 11,000 scheduled service visits per year, it pays off for our customer to investigate this further.

How can you handle this? In this case it was easy to investigate where the pain points were in the customer portal, using the digital footprint of the application. With Process Mining it is possible to distill a process flow from every application. The following soon became clear to our own employees:

  • The planner makes the service appointment at the wrong time in the process, which often required rescheduling
  • The best performing inspectors were assigned the most difficult inspections, leaving the best qualified personnel on 30 percent of inspections
  • The flexible shell absorbs much of the other work, but does not have the right expertise for this. This creates a lot of rework (32 percent of the service sessions) in the process, which ultimately put the entire organization under 'unnecessary' pressure

Most applications and processes do not offer clear and comprehensible visualizations of their performance. Because Process Mining does offer this, the opportunity arises to provide insight into and use the expertise of all employees. Intuitive process flows that anyone can read, accompanied by BI dashboarding, help the entire organization relate the processes to the most important process dimensions: in this case, the inspectors' education level and the time of planning within the process. In the meantime, our customer is now well on the way to a reduction of rework from 32 percent to 15 percent. This is achieved by utilizing the right qualities of the employees accompanied by the right discussion with the right people.

Marcadus focuses on drawing on the knowledge of its own employees. Through the right visualizations of the processes, together with experience in Business Process Management, we facilitate the right discussion with the right stakeholders in the process – because tooling can only provide insight. The right facilitation of change management guarantees the right incentives for everyone to get started. Our mission is to facilitate this as much as possible.

Case manager

Joost de Groof

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