Process Projects to Cash

Administering projects is an art. It takes a lot of time and accuracy to correctly visualize all projects in your organization. There is no guarantee that meaningful insights will follow from this. Certainly not when it turns out that the project administration is not optimally set up in the business application landscape.

“Filling gaps in project administration with data analysis”

Jan:  “This client serves a niche market in the maritime sector, and projects form the heart of the service. However, the project department is clearly not in order, and it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the root cause lies. One of the reasons for this is that the standard reports from the software used are insufficient to be able to perform a good analysis. The question to us was whether we could offer insight.“

Joost:  “Process Mining can be an excellent analysis tool in such cases. We started by asking the right questions. Sometimes a lot of detail is not important for accurately offering insights. In this case, there was no proper registration of project activities with the relevant financial transactions linked to them. Together with the customer, we have found out which process steps do leave the desired information in systems. Even though that was not always directly linked.”

John:  “Exactly. With Process Mining it is possible to study the course of the process even when the logs are not complete. Process owners can complete the puzzle perfectly in combination with our analyses. In this case, it was quickly known which department caused the biggest issues indirectly. Because you can show tangible results with process mining, these are convincing in themselves. After we went through the results together, it was not difficult to create an atmosphere for change.”

Joost:  “And that is where the strength of Marcadus lies. We discussed the results of the analysis with the process owners. They themselves came up with proposals for substantive solutions, after which we were able to implement and secure this in practice with process and implementation knowledge. Tangible data helps to convince. The neutral nature of data is ideally suited to allow everyone to think along in a positive way.”

Jan Vianen and Joost de Groof


This customer is not mentioned by name on request. It serves several large and smaller specialist transport sectors with services and projects. This issue is about gaining reliable insight into the project portfolio and the financial impact of these projects.

Case manager

Joost de Groof

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