Reinventing the ERP wheel

While everyone is full of new technologies and terms like big data and Artificial Intelligence are flooding the market, the 'normal' work continues with its daily activities. There are still materials to be arranged, projects to be monitored and the challenge of maintaining a good grip on finances remains.

In addition to the known operational challenges, companies and their markets are changing, customers are asking for more information and their own employees also want to gain direct insight into the various processes. An up-to-date ICT system is therefore not only necessary, but is also becoming commonplace for the entire organization faster and faster.

As a result, various companies also look at their ERP systems and decide to replace them. As Marcadus we often see that a 'classical' approach is chosen here; A short preparation, after which the processes are defined, after which the selection takes place. Speed ​​of the process and a minimal impact for the operation are often the most important preconditions.

The ERP wheel is dusted again for the system selection and the selection is carried out in the same way as it was done 10 years ago. An implementation process follows from the technology, in which the old (known) project phases still take the same length, there is little attention for the employees and there is no connection with the strategy and vision of the company. This not only conflicts with current, changing expectations, but is also not necessary at all. So why not take a different approach?
Whether you are in favor of a learning organization or not, at Marcadus we believe that these processes can be more effective and efficient. We believe in experiential change and we attach great importance to involving the entire organization. Reinventing the ERP wheel is a must to better adapt to the changing organization.

Marcadus has assisted companies in selecting a new ERP system in various processes. We opt for an approach in which the organization is first helped to better formulate their strategic vision. This can be a challenge, but steps can be taken quickly through well-facilitated workshops with board and/or management members. This can be done via methodologies such as the OGSM model, but also with other options from our best practice.

However, it is not only a matter of defining concrete goals and priorities, but also requires a more active vision with regard to one's own employees. Strategic goals and best practices certainly help, but without the right commitment from the own organization this is a challenge. Change management is the necessary lubricant of the engine of change.

The other new spoke in the ERP wheel is the value of visualized insight into one's own processes. Where these processes previously required the necessary time, the application of process mining can achieve this insight in a much shorter time and in a more complete manner. In fact, by using our own data and visualizing the processes, our experience is that the knowledge and skills of our own employees come into their own much better. This contributes to a better final solution, but also ensures more involvement of the employee for the implementation.


Reinventing the ERP Wheel: A sound strategic vision that extends beyond the horizon and the application of process mining as part of the ERP selection and implementation process have become essential components for a successful ERP change, as far as Marcadus is concerned.

If you would like to discuss how ERP selection and implementation processes can be improved, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share our vision and expertise.

Case manager

Jan Vianen

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