Third party delivery in collect return process

Logistical processes at industrial service providers are often outsourced enough. This ensures that a company can focus on its core activities – service provision. However, the disadvantage of this is that part of the process is interrupted by a third party. As a result, dependencies arise in customer service. How do you deal with this? Our own services are neatly administered, but do not contain the outsourced parts.

“From data to dashboarding and monitoring”

Jan:  "For this customer, it concerned an analysis of the Collect return process. After completing a service job, items are left over at the customer. Some items are collected for overhaul, others are recycled – the rest is collected as residual waste. All technicians They could tell us exactly how the process should go, but they couldn't indicate whether it really went well because another party is responsible for it. However, there are occasional complaints from engineers about things that have been lying around at the customer for a long time Reason enough to examine the process: Are the items really collected? Is that also done in time? And what is the role of the in-house service engineers when these items have to be collected?"

Joost:  "The idea of ​​Process Mining at this customer is very simple. We have no information from the third party that handles the return process of the leftover goods on our behalf. But we do have information about logging out the return process in the system of This appears to be sufficient to quickly and very precisely gain insight into which process deviations are taking place and to which specific technicians, products or service jobs they can be related with the help of Process Mining technology."

Jan:  "The customer was particularly surprised because with limited, one-sided information, we can quickly give the right direction to the analysis questions that need to be asked. Within a few days we have proven that we can present their own process visually, purely on the basis of data. from their system. You often see that it is difficult to map out the right problem. With Process Mining, combined with the right BI expertise, it is relatively easy to find out which process steps lead to undesirable situations."

Joost:  "That's absolutely right. In practice, it is always the case that clear communication must be made with the customer about the interpretation of the data. After healthy skepticism, the customer was quickly convinced. Within a short time it became clear which process steps had to be taken more tightly in the It is then a breeze to supply the right dashboards and thus also serve their own process owners with IT ease. We love that!"

Jan Vianen and Joost de Groof


This customer is not mentioned by name on request. It serves hundreds of customers in the BeNeLux with planning, construction and maintenance services of heavy industrial installations. This issue is about the optimization of the collection of leftover goods at the customer locations due to planned and unplanned maintenance.

Case manager

Joost de Groof

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