Managed services

With our managed services, we support organizations in the field of project delivery and business consultancy. Our customers focus on their own core competences and we take care of the realization of your projects. Our managed services are suitable for different types of organizations, available in different degrees and consist of different levels, appropriate to the organization.

Specific company issues are  the framework in which we convert your portfolio into tangible results in a structured manner. We do this by seamlessly aligning our proven Project-Management-As-A-Service (PMAAS) concept to the organization's needs.  

In addition, we would like to present the IMprovement-As-A-Service (IMAAS) concept, which focuses on business consultancy and where we focus on unburdening the continuous improvement of business processes.

Project-Management-As-A-Service (PMAAS)

You can call in the help of external project managers for the realization of your project portfolio, and take care of the coordination yourself. There is a good chance that you will run into one or more of the following:

  • A varying quality of project managers
  • Problems to keep costs transparent and manageable
  • An ad hoc relationship with your project managers and suppliers
  • Limited learning behavior and repetition of mistakes in various areas
  • Loss of time and costs because you spend a lot of time explaining peripheral matters

An alternative is our PMAAS service. It contains all the ingredients to realize your project portfolio cost efficiently and at a high quality level. Marcadus ensures the deployment of project managers who are already 'up to speed' when they come to you. They have the right expertise and are already familiar with your or our standard methodology and your organizational setting. And do you suddenly have more or less work? No problem. We can scale up and down just as easily.

We offer the PMAAS concept in various degrees, tailored to the size of your organization. Would you like to know more about the added value of PMAAS? Immediately contact us to determine the value PMAAS can bring to your organization.

In short: let us take care of your project delivery!

Our colleague David Verkerk tells more about the PMAAS concept in his blogService in projects

IMprovement-As-A-Service (IMAAS)

A rapidly changing environment requires new solutions, in which flexibility and cost control are of great importance. Process optimization is needed now more than ever. The right knowledge and skills must be available quickly and for short periods.

Drawing up the right requirements is a precondition for success. Do you regularly have issues where the outcome does not match your vision? Then IMAAS is your solution.

Our Improvement-As-A-Service (IMAAS) service gives clients the security to act on the basis of a flexible need and according to a fixed approach. As a result, there is a permanent grip on costs and quality and necessary changes can be realized quickly.

  • Flexible need for management consultancy support
  • Need for unambiguous and transparent support: quality comes first
  • Service on demand and without obligations, but able to switch quickly
  • From a portfolio: various short projects, with a risk profile ranging from medium to low
  • Limited budget for investments
  • 'Can do' mentality
  • Onsite vs. Offsite

Want to know more about our experiences? Then read our cases.


Marcadus has successfully completed several projects over the years and with great pleasure. Curious about our experiences, view our cases!

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