Process mining


The inestimable value of data

At Marcadus, we believe in the power of data. We see that organisations often unconsciously possess a lot of valuable data which, if used in the right way, can generate tremendous value.
It is our field of expertise and expertise to visualise this data, so that it becomes usable to operate better and to enable better decision-making at all levels within the organisation.

We are aware that more is needed than just insight. It is the art of converting the obtained insights into actions and thereby adding value. By generating active involvement, we realise changes. We do this with passion and pleasure, together, side-by-side, with our customers and partners.

We can answer these questions by means of process mining technology. We implement the Celonis EMS platform, in which we are a certified partner.

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By using process mining, we can provide insight into the actual course of business processes and provide more grip on their implementation. We then support the implementation of these improvement proposals in order to realise the corresponding benefits.

The unique combination of our process mining expertise, business and process knowledge and years of experience in the field of ERP implementations, ensures that we can provide the right insights and improvements. This ensures the best possible return on a process mining implementation.


Power of process mining

Process mining is an analysitic method in which the raw data resulting from the execution of a process is converted into high-quality insights.

First, the steps performed and the time of execution of 'the case' going through the process are collected in an 'event log'.

Once the event log is complete, process mining algorithms can derive the actual process flow by analysing the process instances, events and times. This is then visualised to create an easy-to-interpret process model.

The insights thus gained can be used to provide insight into current process execution (discovery) or to compare it with the process design (conformance). Finally, disruptions or undesirable process paths can be identified (performance analyses).

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The above insights can be used for various purposes, including operational control, process improvement and process management. In addition, the high-quality data in the event log can be used for machine learning initiatives, or to act immediately when a deviation from the desired execution occurs.

If you would like more information about the technique or application of process mining, please contact one of the Marcadus employees.


Execution Management

Since 2016, we have been implementing the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS). This platform shows improvement potential through process mining, but also includes initiatives such as AI and automation. This combination not only offers the possibility to find out what goes wrong in the process, but also to set up automated, smart actions to counteract friction. All this comes together in the Measure-Know-Act philosophy.



Celonis EMS contains dozens of ready to use and real-time connectors that can be used to establish connections with a wide variety of source systems. By means of dashboards, processes are understood, bottlenecks are transparent and the KPIs are presented in real-time.


In addition to the optimal process, Celonis EMS also shows all deviations in the process. These deviations can be tested against the desired process. Powerful statistical analyzes will show where possible source causes of process disruptions and other inefficiencies lie.


In addition to insights, Celonis EMS also offers the possibility to intervene directly on these findings. Thanks to the integrated Machine Learning technologies, tasks can be fully or hybridly automated. By organizing real-time communication and actions, it helps the entire organization to work more efficiently and to make better decisions.

Optimisation & Compliance

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The way in which companies optimise processes has radically changed with the advent of process mining.  Whereas in the past, endless interviews and brown-paper sessions were organised to gain an idea of the processes, process mining can now provide a complete and accurate picture of the current situation.

We support our clients in actually using the insights obtained to optimise their processes. Together with our clients, our process consultants determine what the most important objectives of the process are and how they can be achieved.

Process mining also offers a solution in Compliancy issues. Both internal and external audits determine how processes should run and where the risks are. It is not always easy to check whether this process complies with the guidelines. Fortunately, process mining offers a solution here. By recording the ideal and optimal process, process mining can detect deviations immediately and initiate actions. These can be activity-driven tasks, such as adjusting a delivery date, the item file or an approval step. It is also possible to check whether certain compliance targets are being met. For example, if the number of invoices without a purchase order drops to a certain percentage, the person responsible is alerted that corrective measures are required. Because it always works with a 100% data population, it is an indispensable tool in a control framework.

Infor LN Celonis Connector

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Marcadus, in cooperation with its partner Merino Services, has developed a data connector so that Celonis EMS is also available for companies using the Infor LN suite. With the help of this standardized connector, it is possible to get all data directly from Infor LN. The connection is real-time, so that if there are disruptions or risks in one of the processes, they can be observed and followed up immediately.

We have experience with various ways of data extraction, such as directly from the Infor database, through ION or by means of the Infor datalake. Together with our partner Merino, we use these insights to realise improvements in processes, procedures or the set-up of the ERP system.

PRESS RELEASE: Merino and Marcadus join forces for process mining



Sustainability is the most important challenge of our time.

With our data driven approach, an end-to-end environmental and social footprint is created for each product. This enables full traceability of emissions, waste and social impact throughout the life cycle for every product in the value chain.

We convert insights into action with real-time detection, recommendation and prioritization of improvement opportunities. This enables people within an organization to work on targeted reductions and thus achieve the sustainability goals.

Managed Services

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The advantages and strengths of process mining are often recognized, but not always a company is already set up to start an implementation and then maintain the 'Measure-Know-Act' optimization cycle. We offer several options to unburden you for this. One of these is Managed Services: a flexible and tailor-made solution, extremely suitable for when the necessary knowledge or resources are not (yet) available. We can provide support in architecture and data issues, but also in the implementation of improvements using knowledge and the right tooling.

When the right people are present within the organization, we are happy to help set up a Celonis 'Center of Excellence' (CoE). We guide the team in acquiring knowledge on the basis of training and best practices, so that new issues and implementations can be solved independently.



With the help of process mining, it is possible to accurately model how a process was performed in the past. However, this knowledge can also be used to create a Digital Twin of the process, which offers the possibility to simulate various scenarios and their impact. This means that the process no longer only looks at the past or present, but can also act on possible events in the future.

Within Celonis EMS, a Digital Twin can easily be created based on the generated process models. In combination with knowledge in the field of scenario planning, we make simulation a success!


Curious about our cases with process mining, have a look at our webinars!

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